Middle Level Transition Program

 Education opportunities for all ages and circumstances.

The alternate schools of the South Shore Regional School Board do things differently. Students experience education in an environment that is significantly changed from a regular classroom. Small class sizes allow for individual attention, curriculum that is personalized and activities that are made possible by the small numbers. Students who attend the alternate schools usually have difficulty in conforming to a regular school setting. If you are interested in attending, talk to your guidance counselor and explore the application process and handbooks found in this site. .


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The South Shore Alternate School exists for the benefit of those students who have not met with success in the traditional Junior High School or Senior High School. They are at risk of not completing high school. The SSAS offers students an opportunity to develop academic and social skills necessary for success in traditional schools and in the community at large. The regular high school curriculum is offered in such a way as to appeal to and offer success to our students.

Academic Information

All courses offered at the South Shore Alternate School contribute to the fulfillment of the Nova Scotia High School Leaving Certificate. The courses are spread over a two year period and therefore what is offered one year may not be offered the next. The curriculum is the same as that offered in other schools in Nova Scotia but the presentation and evaluation are both adapted to specific student needs and students may have their own specific modifications. The courses offered will be those meeting the needs and graduation requirements of those students attending at the time. Special and independent courses may be offered under special conditions for student who wish to take courses IN ADDITION to what is being offered at the time. Students may be required to work online, and/or attend earlier or later than the students not taking advantage of these courses.